The third book from Lucile Reid Brock (after Pen, Paper & Place and Taos Then),
one of America's best-loved watercolorists, published May, 2004.

M.D. Pursuit (and Beyond)

A Wife's Medical School Sketches
in Word and Watercolor

(with 18 original watercolor illustrations)


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(portions of some of the watercolors from the book)

167 pages, 37 vignettes, 18 original watercolors, and additional photographs about medical school and residency training in 1940s Dallas, Texas. Includes the original version of her frequently-quoted (and often erroneously attributed) poem, "Lament to the Wife of a Psychiatrist."

(From the text) " . . . I drew in my breath in horror. There before me were huge coffin-sized metal vats, like big half pipes, filled with this liquid, each containing a human cadaver. During the night the bodies rested in the formaldehyde; each school day they were brought up on a plank to be studied and dissected. . . .

. . . I got quite used to the bones under the bed, not thinking much about them after awhile. I should have known that other people might not be so sanguine about them. One time our apartment got so dirty that I hired a nice older woman to clean while I was at work. In the middle of the cleaning she apparently bacame curious about what was in the box under the bed . . . and opened it. She must have left post haste, because when I got home the cleaning was half done, the top of the suit box was cast aside, and she hadn't even waited for me to get home to pay her.

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